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Camp Jenny 2019 Newsletter: Volume 6

From the Leadership Team

Hey Camp Jenny! My name is Talia Rumsky and I am so excited to be one of the Pios Unit Heads this year! I’m the CVP elect of NFTY-STR and a proud member of my TYG PARTY in Parkland, FL. This will be my third year attending Camp Jenny, and I can’t put into words how eager I am for Memorial Weekend to arrive! It has been such an amazing experience to work with all of the counselors in the Pios unit. They have done an amazing job thus far, and I could not be more proud of everyone’s hard work! We couldn’t do it all without the guidance of our incredible unit mentor and advocate, Milly and Leah, and the rest of the leadership team! I’m counting down the days for the most magical weekend of the year!

My name is Evan Schlifstein and I am from Clearwater, Florida (near Tampa). I am a senior Admiral Farragut Academy, a seven-day, military-style boarding school in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am an avid golfer, soccer play, and track runner on my school's varsity sports teams. I also am very engaged in Model United Nations, Spanish National Honor Society, UNICEF, and NJROTC. I am currently the commanding officer of the NJROTC unit at my school, and I will soon be handing off the torch to my successor to head to the United States Naval Academy next year for college!

This will be my third year at Camp Jenny, and my third year in the Pios unit. From counselor to senior counselor to unit head, the Pios and I have been through it all. Camp Jenny is one of the most rewarding experiences I have each year, and I simply cannot stay away! Since this is my last year as a teen volunteer, this year's Camp Jenny is a little bittersweet for me. The campers and staff have all taught me so much these past few years, and I'm not sure how to feel about having to go. Nevertheless, I am so excited for Camp Jenny 2019, and can't wait to make it the best year yet!

Fundraising News

We've had an amazing year of fundraising and we so close to our goal! Thank you to everyone who has helped and done their part. It's truly been incredible and inspirational to watch everyone's progress. Most recently, you rose to the challenge of getting to $70,000 by yesterday. We did it, and our new water play equipment is on its way to Camp! Here is where we are with just a couple days to go:

We can't wait to celebrate everyone's success on Thursday and see all of our fundraising efforts pay off as our campers arrive on Friday!!! Time to celebrate!!!

TYG Fundraiser Highlights

We've got a few more TYGs who recently updated us on their fundraisers! Check the last newsletter for a list of even more TYG fundraisers. Thanks to all our congregations and TYGs that support Camp Jenny!

TOUCHY (Weston, FL) held their annual Camp Jenny Dinner and it was a big success!

PARTY (Parkland, FL) held a very successful Disney-themed Spaghetti Dinner

STARY (Boynton Beach, FL) held a wonderful talent show to raise money for CJ!

BITTY (Tampa, FL) had a "Dunk the Rabbi" booth at their Purim carnival and had a blast raising money for CJ!

Are we missing your fundraiser? Let us know about it by filling out the Fundraiser Report Form.


  • Don't forget - we are looking to collect a lot (around 220) empty plastic water bottles and around 70 paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Please bring if you can!

  • Don't forget to print a copy of the staff handbook. You can find the staff handbook (including the packing list) in the #general channel in Slack, as well as the all-staff webinar recording ICYMI!

  • If you're flying to Atlanta, meet the Camp Jenny group at Delta Baggage Claim #5, near the Georgia Lotto booth. Flight delayed or canceled? Call 212-452-6767 or email



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