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For over 30 years, Camp Jenny has been supported by the members, youth groups, and synagogues of NFTY-SAR and STR. On this page, you'll find some tips and resources to use as you are planning your own fundraising campaign to support Camp Jenny. Thanks in advance for all of your hard to work to make this year's Camp Jenny a huge success!

Personal Fundraising

Whether you are a current NFTYite, a volunteer staff at Camp Jenny, or an alum of Camp Jenny, we hope you'll join us in raising the funds necessary to make this year's Camp Jenny a reality. For teens and adults who are volunteering at Camp Jenny this year, our goal is that each of you do your best to raise at least $200. For some of you, that might sound like a lot of money. Here are some suggestions on how to get there:

Break it Down

You may not know anyone who is able to write a check for $200. But what about $50? Would one of your grandparents be able to contribute $50 to Camp Jenny? How about $20 - who could you ask for $20 to Camp Jenny? Maybe some of your friends or your aunts and uncles? If you can find 1 donor of $50, and 5 donors of $20, then you're almost to your goal! To get to that last $50, think small. Can you find 10 people to each give you $5? Maybe make a few friendship bracelets and bring them to school. Tell your friends about the magic of CJ, and ask for just $5 for each friendship bracelet.


Create a Classy Fundraising Page

Classy is the platform we're using for our fundraising campaign. You'll be able to create your own personalized fundraising page, which allows your friends and family to donate directly to Camp Jenny on your behalf. It allows you to easily keep track of your progress toward your goal. Also, if you collect some money separately and send it to the Camp Coleman office, we will make sure that gets added to your Classy page. Get started!

Record a Video

One of the most powerful ways to inspire your friends and family to give is to tell them in your own words why Camp Jenny is important to you. Everyone has their own Camp Jenny story, even if it's your first time attending. Share how you first heard about CJ. Share the reason why you decided to apply to be a staff member this year. Share what you hope to achieve by being part of Camp Jenny this year. If you use a Classy page, you can easily post the video on your page. You can also share your video on social media along with a link to the Camp Jenny donation page.


Hold a Fundraiser

To be perfectly honest, the most effective fundraising is often simply asking people to support your cause. But for some of us, that just doesn't feel comfortable. If you want to hold a fundraiser, there are a million ideas out there - just ask friends for suggestions or search online for fundraiser ideas. If your youth group is already holding a Camp Jenny fundraiser, ask how you can help and be involved! It's perfectly fine for you to raise money with your TYG. If you participate in your TYG fundraiser, and want to get credit for the amount you raise on your Classy page, just let us know!


As you plan and implement your fundraiser plan, here are some resources to help:

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