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Adult Volunteers: Kids Club Info

All adult staff who are bringing children to Camp Jenny need to review and agree to Kids Club Rules and Guidelines prior to accepting their position.

Camp Jenny is a place where we help teens participate in Tikkun Olam.  Camp Jenny provides a safe space for teens to give back. Camp Jenny provides our teens the chance to help other children, who, without Camp Jenny may never get a camp experience. Camp Jenny is for our teens.

The role of an adult at Camp Jenny is to support our teens.  The adults are to guide and support when needed.  The adults need to be able to commit 100% of themselves to the NFTY teens and Camp Jenny campers at Camp Jenny.


In order for us to maintain the integrity of the adult role, keeping our teens as our first priority, the following guidelines need to be followed and respected:

  • Adult applicants who may need to bring their child(ren) under 2 years of age will need to provide their own childcare. That childcare must be provided by an adult (someone who has completed at least 1 year of college or is the equivalent age).

  • Children of adult staff between 2 years of age and 8th grade will be a part of our Camp Jenny Kids Club program, available during the day from breakfast through dinner.  

  • The Kids Club Coordinator will work prior to Camp Jenny to create a schedule that works for all ages included.

  • Children of adult staff will share housing with their parents.

  • There will be a check-in / check-out procedure so that Kids Club knows which children they are responsible for at all times.


Late Night Care:

  • If you require child care because of late-night responsibilities (such as, but not limited to, commitments to an evening program or other work related responsibilities), you may organize childcare with Kids Club. The Kids Club staff are available for evening duty only if you are scheduled to work that evening. Otherwise the Kids Club program ends at dinner.

  • You are expected to relieve them once you are through with your evening responsibilities.

  • Please speak with the Kids Club Coordinator to arrange any evening coverage. Please do NOT ask individual Kids Club staff to watch your child after hours.


Middle School aged children:

  • If your child would like to volunteer in a specialty area with their parent, please coordinate with the Kids Club coordinator. While it’s fine for your child to assist you, they are not allowed to travel around camp by themselves. This includes going to the restroom or their living space without an adult escorting them. They must be supervised by either their parent or our Kids Club team at all times.

  • In the evenings, middle schoolers may not travel around camp or hang out around camp without parental supervision. If several pre-teens want to hang out together in someone’s trailer or the lodge, that’s fine so long as they are supervised by a parent. When they are ready to go back to their own housing, they must be escorted by an adult.

Thank you in advance for taking applying to Camp Jenny seriously and we hope that you consider the above options when choosing a position to apply for.

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