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A Day in the Life of a Camper

Nervousness. Happiness. Joy. Thrill. Love. These are all emotions felt at Camp Jenny. The campers spend the weekend learning, trying new things, and embracing feelings they may have never felt before. From water play to cooking, ropes course to music, campers find something fun to do every day. Watching these campers experience new things is amazing. The Junior boys busted a move at dance, whipping and nae-naeing better than I’ve ever seen, while the Junior girls conquered their fears at ropes course. The boys of JB4 cheered on the way from nature to sports.

All the campers learned a new word this weekend: Quinoa. They love the sound of the word and have created songs/cheers using their new vocabulary. All of the boys drew what they thought quinoa was during arts and crafts. The closest we got was a drawing of beans. In water play, the campers got to soak their counselors. They dumped buckets of cold water on themselves and used water squirters to hit targets. They showed enthusiasm and excitement for the obstacle course. The girls and boys made fairy and lost boy houses with Hannah and Houston. They decorated them with all different kinds of nature.

The campers have created bonds with their counselors that they will remember for a long time. They hold hands with their counselors on the walks to the different activities, some have even gotten piggy backs. agEach camper has learned teamwork skills and what it means to be a leader. The emotions and feelings shown by these campers are so fascinating to watch. Nervousness. Happiness. Joy. Thrill. Love.


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