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A World of Games, Adventure, and Love

There is something completely intoxicating about the mountain air, the vibrant greenery, and just watching kids be kids.

In a brief 24 hours, I have come to view Camp Jenny as many others do; it is a home.

A home of hand games, adventures and never too many hugs. It’s not a camp for the underprivileged, but a shelter for the innocent and the magical beings that are these children. We are not here to teach, but to inspire, not to show our differences, but to embrace and celebrate our similarities.

From crafty fish bowls and high flying adventures on the ropes course to intense gaga games and mystifying frisbee spins, Camp Jenny serves as an example and vision of how the world should be- one of more hand games, a lot more adventure and always enough love to go around.

Parker Salinas, NFTY SAR


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