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Camp Jenny 2019 Newsletter: Volume 1

From the Leadership Team

Hi everyone! I’m Daniel Shapiro, this year’s CJ Co-Director from NFTY-STR, and I can’t wait for all of us to begin working together! Thank you to everyone who has begun working for this year’s program and everyone who has begun their fundraising efforts. Every 2-3 weeks, we will be posting a newsletter, such as this one, to give updates on our planning, tips and tricks for your fundraising efforts, to introduce you to members of our CJ Leadership Team, and to recognize successful fundraising efforts so far! Make sure to read about our exciting 2/22 fundraising incentive below! Jake and I can’t wait to see everyone at Camp Jenny and we’re so proud to have each of you on our incredible staff!

Individual Fundraising News

Our 2019 fundraising campaign is off to an amazing start! 77 people have already setup their fundraising pages and 43 people have already received at least 1 donation! Special shoutout to the following people who've already raised over $500: The Forstein Family, The Shapiro Family, Lindsey Geer, Jake Forstein, Anna Wynne, Jacob Wall, Erin & Carly Boxt, Lola Bessoff, Meghan Mandile, Lily Ragals, and Gil & Eliana Bloom. Keep up the awesome work! Are you ready to setup your page? Here are some tips:

  1. To setup your page, go to and click "Become a Fundraiser."

  2. Watch the Fundraising webinar to get some great tips from Anna Wynne, the NFTY-SAR fundraising co-chair.

  3. Check out lots of tips on how to personalize your page, who to ask, and how to follow up.

Announcing…the 2/22 challenge!!!

David Haller, aka the "Rock" of Camp Jenny, is challenging everyone to make their fundraising page and get at least 2 donations ($10 or more each) by 2/22 (that's one week from now!). For everyone who completes the challenge, David will donate $18 to your page.

Upcoming TYG Fundraisers

If you live near one of these, we hope you'll considering attending the CDTTY Camp Jenny Benefit Concert on February 23, and the SCRUFY Spaghetti Dinner on March 1. Want to be featured in our next newsletter? Be sure to tell Jake or Daniel about your upcoming fundraiser!

Recent TYG Fundraisers

Congrats to BOFTY on hosting a successful Pizza Fundraiser! They raised over $200 in just one day! Want to be featured in this section? Be sure to fill out the post-fundraiser form to let us know about your fundraiser!

Program & Logistics Updates

If you haven't done so yet, please start planning your travel to Camp Jenny. Be sure to check your acceptance email for the day you're expected to arrive, and check the Travel Info page for arrival and departure time requirements. Please don't book a flight outside these parameters unless you've spoken to Adam or Julie. Want to fly or drive with another Camp Jenny volunteer? Check out the #coordinate-carpools and #coordinate-flights channels in the Camp Jenny Slack workspace.


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