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Camp Jenny 2019 Newsletter: Volume 4

From the Leadership Team

Hi! My name is Anna Wynne and I am one of the Juniors Unit Heads for Camp Jenny 2019: A Whole New World! I am from Marietta, Georgia and am currently serving as one of NFTY-SAR’s Camp Jenny co-fundraising chairs! I have raised $2,810 so far this year for Camp Jenny! This will be my 3rd Camp Jenny and I cannot wait to lead the best unit ever! It has been amazing to be part of the planning process for CJ and to be able to work with the most incredible teams of counselors! I cannot wait to see Camp Jenny 2019 in action!

Hi everyone! My name is Jacob Wall and I am the male Juniors Unit Head for Camp Jenny 2019: A Whole New World! I am also serving as the fundraising chair for NFTY-STR. I am a Junior from BIFTY in Clearwater, Florida. This will be my third year coming to Camp Jenny and I am as excited as ever! Because of the amazing team of counselors, senior counselors, my co-unit head, adult staff and more that I have had the pleasure of working with, I know this will be the best Camp Jenny yet! Get ready for an amazing weekend everyone, only a couple more months till we all experience the most magical weekend of the year!

Fundraising News

We are so impressed with the Camp Jenny community's fundraising this year! Our first annual Day of Giving was a huge success - in just 24 hours we raised $18,461 from over 300 donors! Thank you to all of you who helped us reach our goal for the day - to celebrate we will again be buying BLIZZARDS for the entire Camp Jenny community during CJ 2019!

Fundraising Tips

Tip of the week - make sure to THANK everyone who donates to your page:

  1. Thank them on Facebook and tag them - it'll make them feel good about their contribution AND put a little pressure on your other friends and family that haven't given yet.

  2. Plan to send handwritten notes either now or right after Camp Jenny happens. This is an essential thing to do, especially if you want to be able to ask your network for fundraising help in the future, whether it's for Camp Jenny or for other causes you care about.

Have you met your goal? Consider raising it to encourage others to continue to donate on your behalf!

Staff Updates

We've had a few updates to our staff teams for Camp Jenny 2019! Here's the latest:

  • Elana Treiser is now the Head Outdoor Specialist

  • Jillian Penson is now the Senior Specialist for Water Play

  • Sammy Fetgatter is now the Senior Counselor for JB3

  • Alec Feller is joining us as a Counselor for JB3

  • Jacob Walton is joining us as a Counselor for TB2

  • Bradley Shimel is now a Counselor for PB1

  • Lacie Greenspan is now a Counselor for PG4

  • Zoe Brand is now a Counselor for PG2

  • Hillary Mauser is now a Counselor for JG3

  • Lauren Epstein is joining us as a Sports Specialist

  • Lila Turner is joining us as an A&C/Dance Specialist

  • Jessica Winograd is joining us as a Gardening Specialist

  • Gabby Engelman is joining us as a Media Specialist

  • Naomi Rozenberg is joining us as a Nature Specialist

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to our entire community for their flexibility as we make these adjustments to our teams!

Program & Logistics Updates

Our leadership team is making the final touches on our programs, and soon we will begin ordering all of our supplies! REMINDER: Registration is due THIS WEEK, on May 1. We need you to register on time so our medical team can review health forms and so we can finalize our buses from the airport and Temple Emanu-El. For teens, use this link to register (and look for Camp Jenny under "NFTY's North American Events (NFTY-NA)." For adults, use this link to register. You will need your travel info available when you register. You can check the arrival and departure time requirements on our website.

Can't remember if you've registered? Check the #general channel in Slack - we posted lists on Thursday of everyone who had registered as of then.


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