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Tutoring Deepens NFTY/FL Stanton Partnership

Every April, third through fifth graders at Georgia elementary schools participate in standardized testing called the Georgia Milestones. You may remember the CRCT from elementary school, and these tests are very similar, however the Milestones require more comprehensive reading skills, writing, and problem solving abilities. All elementary schools try to do whatever it takes to ensure that their students are able to feel prepared to participate in testing. Many schools, such as Camp Jenny’s partner FL Stanton, offer extra help outside of school hours in order to prepare their students for the test. Each Saturday in March leading up to the Georgia Milestones, FL Stanton will hold a “Saturday Academy”, allowing its students to work on extra practice problems and be tutored in math, reading, writing, and additionally for fifth graders, science and social studies.

On Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to tutor a fifth grade boy at the Saturday Academy and helped him with math, reading, and writing. He was given multiple packets filled with practice questions to complete during the Saturday Academy. He worked diligently and whenever he came to a problem he struggled with, he asked me for help. It was rewarding to watch him answer a problem similar to the one he originally struggled with. This student told me how excited he was to have the opportunity to participate in the Saturday Academy, because he wants to prepare for his exams so he can get a score he can be proud of!

Three and a half extra hours of practice can help students improve their scores exponentially. In addition to feeling the reward of helping these amazing kids, you can also receive service hours for the time you spend at FL Stanton! I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity- the kids are SO excited to see people from Camp Jenny throughout the year, and tutoring also gives you the opportunity to visit FL Stanton and see the impact that the organization we love so much has on this community!

**Tutoring at FL Stanton continues on every Saturday in March. Sign up here!**

Hannah Restler is a junior from Temple Beth Tikvah in Roswell, GA, where she is the Social Action Vice President of HOTTY. Hannah will be volunteering at Camp Jenny for the 3rd year this summer as one of the Juniors unit heads. She was recently elected as the NFTY-SAR Regional Social Action Vice President for 2017-2018 and will be one of the Co-Directors of Camp Jenny 2018.


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